Monthly Archives: January 2016

Jan 30 2016

The Doctor Presents “PR Take 5”

Most A/E/C firms have the know-how to design and engineer, but oftentimes they lack the ability to effectively communicate about it, resulting in the loss of press opportunities. On January 26, in collaboration with the New York Chapter of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), The Doctor (aka Tami Hausman) hosted a live webinar […]

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Jan 26 2016

(Very) Moving Pictures

We’ve seen image-based digital content evolve from heavy-handed clip “art” to nearly theater-quality movie files. Video has become the essential story-telling tool for all manner of brands. It is available in an increasingly wide variety of structured formats, as well as standard point-and-shoot films. Hardware needs can be as basic as a tablet, smartphone, or […]

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Jan 19 2016

Writing for the Web

Once upon a time, basic writing skills centered on spelling and syntax. Now, for web-focused writing, a facility with algorithms can be added to that list. Of course, that expertise is actually the dominion of search engines, which filter and favor content that best conforms to their models. ¶ Three tools have emerged as effective […]

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Jan 8 2016

There’s a Birthday in the Haus!

Happy birthday to us – time sure does fly when you’re having fun! We are excited to celebrate our 8th anniversary this month and we couldn’t have done it without the support of all of our clients, colleagues, and friends. Here’s to another amazing year together!  

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