Monthly Archives: November 2015

Nov 23 2015

Type Casting

With typography, as in architecture, every detail makes a difference. One of the first steps in constructing your firm’s graphic identity will likely be developing an appropriate logo.   1. First Impressions It makes sense to select a typeface that reflects your firm’s outlook and positioning. To communicate expertise and capability, classic yet versatile fonts […]

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Nov 18 2015

Hausman LLC at THE Marketing Event 2015

Hausman LLC was in the house haus at THE Marketing Event held by the New York City chapter of the Society for Marketing Professional Services on 11 November 2015. Tami Hausman, Ph.D., president, and Troy Vázquez-Cain, director of client relations, delivered a presentation, Build Your Brand in 4 Easy Steps, to an audience that represented […]

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Nov 10 2015

Designing Data for Designers

Architects and engineers are certainly no strangers to conveying complex ideas with drawings. But the art form has come a long way since Vitruvian Man and Corbusier’s Modulor. Data visualization can communicate abstract concepts with depth and clarity. To keep your infographics from becoming infauxgraphics, here are some tips on using them effectively in presentations […]

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