Apr 21 2024

Celebrating Milestones: Lessons from the Top

Written by Chelsea Gaarder As we close this series focused on securing exclusives, it’s a time not just for reflection but for celebration. The journey to publication and beyond is strewn with learning opportunities, each teaching us invaluable lessons about patience, creativity, and effective communication. This month, our journey took an exhilarating turn as ‘Dr. […]

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Apr 9 2024

Don’t Wait in Line, Publish Now!

Written by Chelsea Gaarder This month, we are exploring securing exclusives in top architectural magazines. Today we further continue that conversation by delving into the art of forging successful partnerships with magazine editors. As part of Dr. Hausman’s communication team, I’ve been lucky enough to observe and take part in strategic dialogues that have transformed […]

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Apr 2 2024

Beyond the Wait: Unlocking Alternative Visibility Avenues for Your Project

We get it. You’re itching to see your project grace the glossy pages of top-tier magazines. The allure of an “exclusive” has you playing a waiting game that feels longer than the construction phase of your project. But here’s the kicker—life and publicity don’t need to stand still while you’re waiting for that golden nod. […]

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Doctor in the Haus

Mar 12 2024

Unlocking the Secrets of Architecture Publishing: Navigating Exclusives and Marketing Your Work

Dear Doctor: I really need your help. We really want to get our work published in some of the architecture magazines, but I don’t understand how they work and what they mean by an “exclusive.” I feel like we have to wait a long time for a decision—sometimes months. In the meantime, I’ve heard that […]

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Nov 9 2021

Sell Outcomes, Not Services

To build your influence and attract more clients, it’s time to drop the emphasis on services and start to focus on outcomes.

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Sep 1 2021

Practicing the Pivot in a Press Interview

Knowing how to re-position the conversation helps you get your point across

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Aug 16 2021

Hard Hat “Host with the Most”

It’s time to put your hard hat on and plan your media tour

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Jul 8 2021

Perfecting the Presentation

A TED Conference curator shares the secrets to making a memorable presentation

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Client Digest

Jun 18 2021

Our Clients in the News

PR pays off, as these great press clips for our clients prove

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Jun 14 2021

Medium as Message

It’s wise to explore the options of different communications platforms when crafting an outreach plan

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May 25 2021

A Client Q+A

The answers to these straightforward client survey questions can challenge or confirm an architecture firm’s reputation

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May 17 2021

Client Surveys Offer Priceless Perspective

Asking the right questions can help architects shape their business for the future

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