Jul 3 2018

You Don’t Say: How Not to Write a Press Release

Some of the most needless words and phrases in press releases are also the most common. Many are holdovers from the early days of PR, when communiques were chiseled onto stone tablets. Others are borrowed from the marketing jargon that’s emerged with the advent of the corporate website. The elements of a bad press release […]

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Jun 19 2018

Words of Wisdom From Our Clients

If you don’t look good, we don’t look good: sharing the success of our AEC clients

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Client Digest

Jun 15 2018

Hausman’s Clients in the Press

A roundup of recent press coverage for Hausman’s clients in the AEC industries.

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Jun 11 2018

Introducing HausmanHearts

Introducing Hausman♥, quick hits of images and ideas on architecture and public relations.

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Jun 4 2018

Listening and the Echo Chamber

The importance of listening in architecture firms and in public relations.

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Doctor in the Haus

May 15 2018

Do Architecture Firms Need a Value Statement?

The Doctor explains how a good value statement can help architecture firms stand apart from the crowd.

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Client Digest

May 7 2018

Monthly Media Wrap-up

Here’s a select list of media coverage for Hausman’s clients during April 2018.

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May 4 2018

Party of the Decade!

Hausman marks its first decade of building influence with an A(rchitecture)-list party!

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May 2 2018

Hausman On Turning Ten

Public relations professional Tami Hausman reflects on ten years of working with architecture clients.

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Client Digest

Apr 19 2018

Of Pressing Importance: Our Clients in the News

A collection of recent editorial coverage of our clients in the AEC industries.

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Mar 30 2018

Four Tips for Effective Photos

Tips to help your photography tell a compelling visual story.

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Client Digest

Mar 23 2018

Clips, Quips, and Quotes—Hausman’s Clients in the Press

Read about Hausman’s AEC clients in the news

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