Aug 16 2018

The Truth, the Press, and PR

Revisiting a statement by the Public Relations Society of America on the importance of truth

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Client Digest

Aug 10 2018

PR Pays Off: Hausman’s Clients in the Media

In July, Hausman’s AEC clients had a banner month in the media. Here’s a rundown of the highlights.

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Jul 25 2018

Designing Data for Designers

In a world fascinated by data, some tips on creating truly informative graphics.

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Jul 18 2018

POW! Public Relations Superheros

Team Hausman to the rescue! Here’s a look at our superhero history.

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Jul 12 2018

Life Lessons: While I Was Waiting

Experience is the best teacher—in life as well as public relations. Here’s a first hand account of how to handle bad news.

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Client Digest

Jul 10 2018

Read All About It! Our Clients in the Media

A roundup of our AEC clients in the June press.

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Jul 3 2018

You Don’t Say: How Not to Write a Press Release

Some of the most needless words and phrases in press releases are also the most common. Many are holdovers from the early days of PR, when communiques were chiseled onto stone tablets. Others are borrowed from the marketing jargon that’s emerged with the advent of the corporate website. The elements of a bad press release […]

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Jun 19 2018

Words of Wisdom From Our Clients

If you don’t look good, we don’t look good: sharing the success of our AEC clients

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Client Digest

Jun 15 2018

Hausman’s Clients in the Press

A roundup of recent press coverage for Hausman’s clients in the AEC industries.

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Jun 11 2018

Introducing HausmanHearts

Introducing Hausman♥, quick hits of images and ideas on architecture and public relations.

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Jun 4 2018

Listening and the Echo Chamber

The importance of listening in architecture firms and in public relations.

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Doctor in the Haus

May 15 2018

Do Architecture Firms Need a Value Statement?

The Doctor explains how a good value statement can help architecture firms stand apart from the crowd.

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