Monthly Archives: March 2015

Mar 31 2015

Five things to stop saying in your press releases

Some of the most needless words in press releases are also the most common. Many wasted words are holdovers from the early days of PR, when press releases were written on stone tablets. Others are borrowed from the corporate jargon that emerged since the advent of the corporate website. It’s not just the words but […]

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Mar 30 2015

BREAKING NEWS: The Illuminator is on the scene!

If you’re walking down the street and you suddenly see a flash of light, it’s not your eyes playing tricks…it is the selfless work of The Illuminator, who conquers dark forces of evil that lurk in the shadows, thereby propelling architects and engineers into the limelight! You may see him on the job day or […]

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Doctor in the Haus

Mar 23 2015


  Dear Doctor, Our firm just completed one of the highest profile projects in our 15-year history – it’s a 30-story residential tower – and it’s also one of the best projects that the firm has ever done. As the design partner on the project, I want to get as much coverage in the press […]

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Mar 17 2015

Powerhouse PR: Get Results by Knowing What Journalists Need

When you give reporters what they need, you get more and better media coverage. It sounds simple. But we become so focused on what we want from the media that we sometimes forget to consider their needs. If you help them do their job, yours will be easier, too. You can’t cater to every request. […]

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