Monthly Archives: August 2015

Aug 31 2015

Summer Haus Art Guide: 8 Outdoor Exhibitions to See Before the End of Summer

Part 3 of Summer Haus is a curated guide of outdoor art exhibits around the globe. Bid farewell to the remaining weeks of summer, soak up the golden sunlight, while checking out these outdoor art exhibitions. Inside Out, Philadelphia (Courtesy of Detroit Institute of Arts) Inside Out, an exhibition organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Detroit Institute of […]

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Aug 25 2015

Make a Splash During the Final Days of Summer

Part 2 of Summer Haus is a very brief and very biased tour of our favorite pools. Take off your clothes, hold your nose, and jump in! Oh, and remember to reapply your sunscreen. Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli, Italy (photo Carole Raddato, Flickr) The Emperor Hadrian employed thousands of slaves to build his sprawling country retreat […]

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Aug 16 2015

Stuck in the city this summer? ‘Escape’ with your Netflix queue

Welcome to our inaugural Summer Haus edition! We are still weeks away from the final days of summer, so let’s lather on the sunscreen, take a sip of our cold brew, and delve into Hausman’s very first summer guide. Dreaming of taking a vacation to the south of France and reliving the Bohemian 1900s surrounded by Belle […]

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Aug 10 2015

Need Some Brand-Aid?

If so, Hausman LLC is here to the rescue! Join The Doctor (aka Tami Hausman) and Captain Confidence (aka Troy Vázquez-Cain) on November 6 at THE Marketing Event. TME is SMPS-NY‘s annual professional development symposium – you don’t want to miss it! And if you’re starting to feel that your brand is bland, then come […]

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