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Oct 3 2017

    Browse This!

    On the eve of Hausman’s tenth anniversary, we gave ourselves a gift: a top-to-bottom new website. Working with the patient and brilliant partners at CHIPS, we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. The site includes subtle references to our superheroic heritage: stylized Ben-Day dots, bold typography, dialogue bubbles [for our clients’ testimonial statements], explosive loading animations, and Hausman acid-green accents all take a cue from classic comic book design. Even our portraits—shot on location in front of some of NYC’s most vibrant graffiti—hint at the artistry and the energy of our agency.

    What’s not new is our mission: to build influence for architecture, engineering, and construction firms. Our approach to public relations is grounded in a customized strategy that not only increases your visibility, but also defines your position in the marketplace while demonstrating your expertise—in thought-leadership as well as design—to targeted audiences. Contact us to see how our team can help you achieve [or exceed!] your communication goals.