social media

Sep 30 2019

A World Without Likes

How changes in social media may affect your metrics

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Aug 8 2019

Journalists, PR, and Communication Preferences: Making Connections

Phone call or Facebook? Twitter or YouTube? Making smart connections between journalists and PR pros.

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Jul 29 2019

How Live-Stream Video Can Put Your Practice in Focus

Are you—and your project—ready for your close up? Here are some ideas on how architects can use live-stream video to their advantage.

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May 31 2019

Instagram: It’s Not Just a Photo—It’s Your Image

Seven tips on how architecture firms can get the most out of Instagram

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Apr 17 2019

Social Media, AEC Firms, and KonMari

Does your social media presence spark joy?

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Feb 26 2019

Keeping Digital Media on Message

Why architecture firms need to keep a close eye on their homepage and social media outlets

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Nov 14 2017

Architects, Instagram, and PR

Every picture tells a story: Tips on making the most of Instagram

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Doctor in the Haus

Jul 12 2016

Millinery-Maddened Millennial

  Dear Doctor, At our mid-sized architecture office, I wear many hats: My official title is marketing coordinator, but I’m also administrative whiz, technology trouble-shooter, and webmaster. Our partners recently decided to commit to working with a public relations firm, but I’m not quite sure what they’re looking to accomplish. Can you advise me on […]

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Jul 20 2015

Design on the Haus’ 200th Post: Communicate with impact!

  Summer is the perfect time to do some strategic thinking, so we’ll continue our snapshot of “A Three-Phase Program to Fast-Track Your Design Business for Profit.” Dr. Tami Hausman participated in the panel at the 2015 AIA National Convention in May, along with Lisa Henry, CEO of Greenway Group, and Stephen Whitehorn, managing principal of Whitehorn Financial Group. In […]

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Jun 15 2015

Virtual Architecture: Use Digital Media and Share the Experience

The “experience” of architecture is multi-sensory. Visiting a building in person can evoke a complex set of stimuli and sensations, from how light enters the space to the way a stone floor “feels” beneath your feet. When it comes to promoting your work and trying to share this experience with the media, you can invite […]

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May 11 2015

Worth a Thousand Words: Make a Photographic Impact on Social Media

May is National Photography Month, so we are going to explore how you can use professional and snapshot photography to promote your firm and projects on social media. Using photos and imagery in your social media will boost your company’s virtual presence, promote your projects, and engage your audience. In fact, Tweets with images get […]

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Apr 20 2015

Design Your Social Media Landscape

Editor’s Note: April is World Landscape Architecture Month #WLAM2015. In recognition of this month-long celebration, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) held numerous events to bring greater awareness to the discipline. As part of that effort, Dr. Tami Hausman, president of Hausman LLC, participated on a panel about social media for the ASLA NY […]

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