Fractional Chief Communications Officer

Hausman can serve as your Fractional Chief Communications Officer (CCO), bringing specialist and strategic communications expertise without the expense of a full-time executive. We bring a deep understanding of strategies, tactics, and best practices so that you can be more effective in your internal and external communications. 

As part of your leadership team, we enhance your communications efforts, build stronger relationships with the media and other external entities, and effectively convey your messages to targeted audiences. Ultimately, we help you drive business growth, manage reputational risks, and achieve your communications goals by developing and overseeing the execution of targeted and focused communications strategies, including:

  • Strategic planning: Comprehensive communication strategies aligned with your goals and objectives
  • Media and public relations: Building relationships with media professionals and executing public relations campaigns to enhance your reputation and support your business goals
  • Presentation and training: Media and presentation training
  • Content creation: Copywriting for various communication channels, including press materials, ghostwriting, and websites
  • Internal communications: Internal communication strategies to align your messaging with your brand