Brand Positioning

We develop brand positioning strategies that match your goals, reflect your culture, and highlight your expertise.

To establish your firm as the go-to authority in your target markets, you need to have a series of communications tools that make your firm stand far apart from, and above, the competition. Our brand positioning strategies are built on four components that are tailored to your practice:

  • Value proposition. We help you identify and clearly articulate a value proposition that conveys your unique excellence to clients
  • Key messages. We build key messages to identify your strengths, differentiate your firm in your markets, and reflect your firm’s design philosophy. Coupled with your value proposition, key messages are a driver for your business development and marketing efforts
  • Brand voice. We unify the key elements of your brand voice and develop a consistent language for all your communications, while allowing for variations depending on the audience, context, and format
  • Buyer persona. We create sector-specific buyer personas to help you estimate your clients’ behavior and identify the best ways to be more visible to your key targets.