Celebrating Milestones: Lessons from the Top

Written by Chelsea Gaarder

Beautiful Modern Elder Academy in Los Cabos, host of the Inc. Masters Retreat earlier this month

As we close this series focused on securing exclusives, it’s a time not just for reflection but for celebration. The journey to publication and beyond is strewn with learning opportunities, each teaching us invaluable lessons about patience, creativity, and effective communication.

This month, our journey took an exhilarating turn as ‘Dr. in the Haus’ was honored with a spot on the prestigious 2024 Inc. Regionals: Northeast list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. This recognition is a testament to the relentless innovation, dedication, and vision that define our work. Our CEO, Dr in the Haus, Tami Hausman herself, was hosted by Inc. Masters Baja conference where she was surrounded and inspired by other like minded, ambitious entrepreneurs in Mexico. 

From mastering the nuances of engaging with publication editors to exploring the vast landscapes of digital and traditional media, every step has been a building block towards greater successes. And now, with our inclusion in such a respected list, it’s clear that the strategies we advocate for and implement are not just theories but proven pathways to significant achievement.

Tami and colleagues, celebrating last year at Hausman LLC’s 15th Anniversary celebration

This milestone is a beacon for all of us here, and hopefully for you as well, illuminating the power of resilience, strategy, and the importance of celebrating every win along the way. How has your approach to achieving and celebrating success evolved? Let’s share our stories and lessons learned, forging ahead with the insights and inspirations we’ve gathered.

As Hausman’s Communication Coordinator, witnessing this recognition fills me with immense pride and excitement for what the future holds. Let’s continue to push boundaries, innovate, and celebrate our successes together.

We’re curious to hear from you – how has your strategy for reaching publication milestones evolved? What lessons have illuminated your path? Let’s celebrate our collective achievements and the insights we’ve gathered on this journey.

Keep building influence!