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The Doctor

Raised in a rather ordinary fashion on the wild streets of New York, Tami grew up surrounded by crowds of people talking trash, speaking in tongues, conversing in many languages (aside from English), and piquing her burgeoning curiosity, but rarely being intelligible.

One day, she found herself in an unfamiliar part of the city, and tried to decipher the signs leading her back to the subway. As a result of her confusion, she ended up on the wrong train. This, in fact, was a happy accident that altered the direction of her life. While frantically trying reset her orientation, she realized that someone had left a black bag on the next seat.

Tami was cautiously intrigued. While it appeared to be just an old and very worn doctor’s bag, the contents of it changed her forever. The modest-looking satchel was full of tricks that became her trade: ways to decode obscure verbiage, instruments to provide clarity in conversation, and tools to communicate with ease. Since then, she has been known to all as “The Doctor.”Tami never parts with this bag, so if you find her walking determinedly through the streets of New York or elsewhere with a strong purpose in her step, you will know she has just received her next assignment.