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Captain Confidence

Early one morning many years ago, a young couple found a baby on a beach. Childless, they took him home and raised him as their own. They named him, Troy.

Troy grew up awkward but strong and he possessed a healthy dose of curiosity and a keen sense of justice. He was passionate about sharing his creative ideas with the world and loved all forms of communication, public speaking and fine arts.

Unfortunately, the other children at school made fun of him. Over time, he began to feel insecure about his ideas. Were they really that good? Should he tell anyone about them? Why would anyone care in the end? He lost his confidence.

Then, late one night, as he sat alone in the back yard looking up at the stars, a flash of light shot across the sky and three aliens appeared before him.

“We are your elders from the planet Oratorio! It is time to begin your mission. Go and carry our message of concise communication, good speech and confident oration to Earthlings and beyond!” And with that, Troy vowed to battle all foes of confident communication, effective presentation-making and public oration!

Today, he lives in the bustling city of Urbanopolis as a mild-mannered public relations professional. But when he senses a client is in distress, in the flash of an eye he becomes…Captain Confidence!