In With the New

A merry 2020 to all! As the new year brings new opportunities and challenges, it’s the optimal time to assess your communications outreach, and create a fresh program that’s informed by both past experience and future aspirations. To implement it, the support of your firm’s leadership is critical. What can you do to convince them to get on board? Tami Hausman, president of Hausman LLC, shares her knowledge on this process with CommPro. Here’s one of the key steps she outlines:

A strategic plan needs to be both strategic and actionable. While you want to establish a high-level strategy that the C-Suite can rally around, you also need to demonstrate how you will actually roll out the plan. Clearly outline your tactical activities and plot them on a timeline to show how you intend to accomplish your strategy. Most of all, be sure to establish agreed-upon goals, milestones, and success indicators to keep everyone focused and accountable. This should include regular review periods to check what’s working and what’s not. If something is not working, be nimble, decisive, and prepared to pivot.

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