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Feb 11 2016

Love Letters


This month, taking a cue from St. Valentine, we’ll take a look at some communications tools we love, like very much, are strongly attached to, respect and admire. (We admit it, technology can make us a bit fickle.) We’ll also invite some outside experts to share their favorites.

As the senior content manager for Hausman LLC, I have opportunities to speak with amazing people representing all sectors of the A/E/C business, interviewing them about topics that reflect their particular expertise. While I usually rely on a paper and pen for taking notes, I’m also fond of a voice-to-text app called Dragon Dictation.

The system was originally designed to serve the medical community, allowing physicians to speak, rather than write, their patient reports. Boasting a 99% spelling accuracy level and a speed that’s three times faster than typing, the program has been expanded beyond the doctor’s office, with customized variants now available for small businesses, education, legal, and public service sectors now offered. Loaded onto a smartphone, it makes incredibly short work of transcribing conversations, and when used on a desktop computer, can cut the time consumed by manually entering data down to the bone. —Leslie Clagett