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Jun 11 2018

Introducing HausmanHearts

July 13, 2018


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June 22, 2018


To astute observers of #HausmanHearts, there’s little surprise about this week’s theme: it’s connections. The physical type are essential for the integrity of architecture [compare the structure of Zaha’s Morpheus Hotel with the exposed supports of a 19th century iron bridge!], while in public relations, it’s the intangible links—interpersonal connections—that make PR work. Relationships with journalists, industry experts, and influencers are built on trust over time.


June 21, 2018



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June 15, 2018

Bauhaus teacher and artist Wassily Kandinsky had this to say about the circle, the not-so-subtle theme of this past week’s #HausmanHearts posts, and a frequent focus of architects and designers:

The circle…is the synthesis of the greatest oppositions. It combines the concentric and the excentric in a single form, and in equilibrium. Of the three primary forms [triangle, square, circle], it points most clearly to the fourth dimension.

In communication, the circle can form the basis for a dialogue—a round table is often used to facilitate frank and equal discussions.



June 14, 2018


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June 12, 2018


Monday, June 11, 2018


We’re starting a new feature on Chronicle. HausmanHearts, aka Hausman, will be a quick hit of images and ideas on worlds of PR and architecture and design. Our entire team will contribute, so expect quite the variety of topics!

First up: the green roof at Javits Convention Center in New York City. Once a deathtrap for birds, the Javits Center’s 2014 renovation by FXCollaborative has turned it into a sanctuary and creating the country’s second-largest green roof on a civic structure in the process. Featuring pixelated, bird-friendly glazing, its 6.75-acre green roof is now home to 17 bird species, five bat species, and 300,000 honeybees. During the AIA annual convention next week, it will be open for 30-minute tours that will explain how this green roof is helping reduce energy consumption, urban heat gain, and stormwater run-off, all while doubling as sanctuary for area wildlife.