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Oct 21 2020

    Image is Everything: Visual Marketing

    Quality visual images and collateral can effectively communicate your firm’s goals, expertise, and messaging as much as—or even more powerfully—than words. Good graphic design ensures that your communications are strategic, memorable, and true to your firm’s identity and purpose. In addition, thoughtfully created graphic design communicates the value of your business and the excellence of its services.

    Think about it: Your essential documents are released to clients, collaborators, and new business opportunities. Since they impart a critical first impression, they should must be beautifully designed. First and foremost, it’s important to have a suite of marketing collateral that resonates authentically with clients, peers, and employees. Take a step back and analyze this material (not only print, but also your website) to determine its effectiveness. Does it convey the essence of your practice in ways that all readers can recognize? As AEC professionals often need to explain complex concepts to a lay audience, graphic design can help bring clarity and understanding to your ideas in ways that highlight your knowledge and expertise.

    It can also be helpful to take a fresh and critical look at the photography you use. Does it emphasize the outstanding qualities of your work, whether that is space, light, object, or context? Consistency in photos is certainly important, but don’t back away from trying out a new photographer (or stylist) who may be able to help you cut through the competition and catch the eye of an editor or potential client.