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Jun 16 2015

Hausman Co-Hosts SAGE Celebration in Fire Island Pines

One of our favorite colors of June is SAGE. On June 6, Tami Hausman was delighted to serve as a co-host of the 23rd Annual SAGE (Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders) Celebration in Fire Island Pines – where she has been a summer resident for 12 years. Hausman LLC was a sponsor for the event, which raised more than $40,000 for critical programs that support health and wellness for New York City residents. Here she is pictured with Bill van Parys (right), husband of board member and fellow co-host Doug Harris, and architect Scott Bromley of Bromley Caldari Architects, a past SAGE honoree.

Photo courtesy Jason Russo from HeyMrJason Photography.