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Jun 11 2019

News That’s Worthy: An Eblast Marketing Checklist

Chances are your architecture firm occasionally sends out a mass emailing—announcing a new commission or project completion, a significant award or recognition—to your contacts. [That’s your carefully-curated list of contacts, right? Not simply everyone in the company address book.*]

To get the most out of your digital marketing efforts, check your eblast to see that it fulfills these four strategic points:

  • Personalize your content based on the mailing list segments you’ve created
  • Keep things fresh by linking out to different sources, such as blog posts, landing pages, videos, etc.]
  • Pay attention to all elements of your eblast. Subject lines, headlines and sub-heads, calls to action—they all impact engagement and shape impressions
  • Make sure your content is helpful, valuable, or informative. If it’s overtly promotional or pompous, it will alienate the very people you are trying to connect with

*No, you say? Well, we’ll talk about best practices for segmenting your mailing list in an upcoming Chronicle post!