Drone Videos: Touring a Building Without Leaving Your Desk

The best way to capture the “feel” of a building is by experiencing it in person—stepping inside lets you appreciate the building’s size, as well as light, air movement, and other intangibles. But sometimes an in-person tour isn’t possible due to constraints of geography, budget, or time.

At Legacy Building Solutions, we have found drone videos to be an effective tool to help potential customers understand fabric structures. Drone video footage allows viewers to experience the reality of a building in a way that words and still photos can’t convey.

One advantage of drone video footage is the ability to depict scale with accuracy. Video of an aircraft assembly hangar quickly shows how people and vehicles are dwarfed by the fabric structure. The aerial footage also reveals a feature that an on-site visitor wouldn’t be able to see: the rooftop solar panels. And while at this shoot, falling snow posed some difficulties for the drone operator, it served to dramatically delineate the difference between the inside and outside environments.

Video of an indoor tennis center shows how the building’s design complements the existing outdoor tennis courts and the surrounding area. The interior footage captures the way lights inside the building reflect off the walls’ inside liner, a concept that’s difficult to explain without a visual aid. Tennis enthusiasts can see how six courts fit inside the structure with room to spare.

By capturing workers in a manufacturing environment as well as an office setting, the drone footage of Legacy’s headquarters shows the versatility of the buildings. This video also depicts heavy equipment, such as overhead cranes, and architectural features, such as the outside canopy, attached to the building frame.

When the potential client can’t come to the building, using a drone video might be the best way to bring the building to them. —Juliet Brambrink, MarComm Administrator, Legacy Building Solutions