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Nov 19 2020

    Communicating Past the Pandemic

    With six degrees of physical separation from almost everyone these days—from your office mates to your clients—communicating with other people can be tough. For those who like to conduct business over lunch, it can be challenging to know how to best communicate with potential clients and colleagues over Zoom or even by e-mail. But it’s also hard to know what to say. With the pandemic, all business communications are now filtered through an uneasy and unfamiliar lens. Ever since the beginning of the outbreak, people have needed to receive information differently than they ever did before.

    No matter how and what you communicate right now, it’s important to stick to the basics by focusing on the things you know—your knowledge, core values, and expertise. The process of messaging is still familiar, but is now executed using different tools. In addition, with so much nervousness about the future, you need to stay connected to your network and, above all, your clients.

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