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Apr 6 2020

    Can We Talk?

    As our economy and culture change in response to the coronavirus crisis, tailored storytelling and visionary thought leadership for architects are more important than ever. Bringing together leading voices in architecture, design journalism, and public relations, Architectural Storytelling in a Time of Crisis is a live webinar panel discussion on how architects can engage with a broader public during this unprecedented and challenging time. Panelists—including our own Tami Hausman, Helene Oberman [Managing Editor, Interior Design], Julie Lasky [Design Editor, The New York Times], Alexandra Polier [DNA Marketing & Public Relations]—will share and discuss their processes for building engaging stories around works of architecture and interior design, while navigating a constantly changing environment. Molly Heintz, Editor in Chief of Oculus magazine, will moderate the event, which will be held April 14, 6:30-8:30 EDT. Register here.