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Jul 27 2020

Branding Basics

To establish your firm as the go-to authority in your target markets, you need to have a series of communications tools that make your practice stand far apart from, and above, the competition. A strong brand position strategy ensures that your communications are engaging and compelling so you can get noticed by prospects. In turn, this strategy enables you to create the conversations about your value and expertise that convert into rewarding client relationships.

The best brand positioning is tailored to your goals; reflects your culture, values, and unique attributes; and highlights your expertise. Four essential components are:

  • Key messages that identify your strengths, differentiate your firm in your markets, and reflect your firm’s design philosophy. Together with a value proposition, these key messages are a driver for your business development and marketing efforts
  • A value proposition that states why clients want to buy your services and articulates the value that you deliver to clients
  • A brand voice that reflects your firm’s brand and consistently guides all of your communications—such as marketing, your website, speaking engagements, thought leadership, writing, media, and digital media
  • Buyer persona(s) to help you target your ideal customers. Creating these personas enables you to gain a more precise understanding of your clients and prospective clients. With this knowledge, you can identify the best ways to be more visible to your key targets as well as align your content directly with your clients’ needs, actions, and concerns