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May 25 2021

A Client Q+A

The questions that comprise a client survey should pose opportunities for feedback on an architecture firm’s responsiveness, expertise, accuracy, quality, schedule, and budget. Here are some sample questions to ask clients; their candid answers can help leadership chart the course ahead, whether it’s taking action to correct any negative issues or reward and reinforce positive performances.

1. Goals

What were your overall goals when you engaged the firm?

Had you made previous efforts to achieve those goals?

Were you looking for particular types of solutions to specific project challenges?

2. Engaging the firm

How long have you had a relationship with the firm?

How did you first learn about the firm (industry reputation, previous experience, staff contact, professional referral, etc.)?

Why did you engage them?

What was the strongest factor in your decision to hire the firm?

Which other firms, if any, did you consider in your search for an architect?

Who was involved in the architect selection process?

3. Differentiators and competition

What do you think is the greatest value that the firm offers its clients?

How does the firm differentiate itself from other firms with whom you have worked?

What are the reasons that you might hire one architecture firm over another?

4. Your experience with the firm

In three words, how would you describe your perceptions of the firm?

What are the qualities of the firm that you most valued in your experience with them?

What are the firm’s three major strengths?

What are the firm’s three major weaknesses?

What is your opinion about the firm’s design capabilities?

What is your opinion about the firm’s technical preservation capabilities?

What is your opinion about the firm’s project management capabilities?

Was it a factor in your decision to select the firm? If so, how?

How has the firm’s work helped your company? Were you able to meet your goals?

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to work with the firm again or refer another client to them?

5. Rating specific performance areas

On a series of 1-5, with one being the lowest and five being the highest rating how would you rate the firm’s…


Design skills

Technical skills

Problem-solving skills

Overall communications

Responsiveness to you and/or your team

Project management skills

Budget/schedule management skills

Value for fees paid